TIETO22 cyber security exercise ends

Tieto22 kyberturvaharjoitus

Today ends the intensive phase of the national TIETO22 cyber security exercise that started in February 2022, where both companies from different industries and authorities combined their expertise. About 120 organizations participated in the exercise, e.g. from the finance, media, security, and ICT sectors as well as government actors, such as the Police, the Finnish Defense Forces and the Finnish broadcasting company.

This year, the main theme of the cyber security exercise was threat scenarios targeting the financial sector, which were explored in a playful role-playing game. Despite the invented threat situations, the teams participated in the exercises as if they were in real situations, and the communication during the exercises was quite intense. The purpose of the exercises was to focus specifically on the development of communication between different industries, team members and authorities. In the scenarios, situations were solved at a higher level and the focus was on delegating areas of responsibility between different team members, so that the situations could be resolved within the given time limits. Communication and cooperation with companies and authorities also played an important role.

Aurora strives to constantly develop its own operations as a supplier of critical data center services and to use the skills learned in the exercises both internally and in communication between the company and the authorities. The effort is to improve the response to situations, the overall understanding of disturbance and threat situations, and the division of responsibilities between different experts and authorities. At the same time, we are developing our own readiness to respond to real situations that require a quick response. The TIETO22 cyber exercise was a well-planned and executed exercise that gave all participants good lessons to secure the continuity of their own business even better.