Cloud services

Cloud services enables your business to operate flexibly regardless of time and place. The extensive transition to teleworking has brought new challenges, above all to safe working outside the workplace and to the seamless operation of the system. With our cloud services, your company can come up with its core competencies securely even outside the workplace.

We plan cloud services together according to your needs and make the whole package as cost-effective as possible, but also quickly scalable if necessary. In this way, your company will not incur unnecessary costs, but if growth is required, your business will not be jeopardized thanks to flexible cloud services.

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Private cloud

A private cloud is the right choice when you need maximum security or efficiency. The private cloud is only for business own use, in which case the full capacity of the equipment is reserved and no other users are connected to the same network.
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Shared cloud

A shared cloud means that there is a cloud infrastructure shared with other companies using the same equipment. In a shared cloud, cloud services can be implemented cost-effectively, but also safely. This is made possible by the fact that the files are inside the "cloud" precisely separated from each other.
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Hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud is a combination of both private and shared cloud. This means that part of the company's communications is reserved extremely secure in its own section, allowing the use of shared content.
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The Microsoft Office 365 package includes commonly used office software. The package is delivered to the customer on a turnkey basis principle and does not require the customer to implement or maintain it own actions. We also offer help with the use of O365 tools and the package can be customized to suit your business needs.