Cyber security exercise TIETO22 connects companies and authorities

Tieto22 kyberturvallisuusharjoitus

Tieto22 is Finland's largest cyber security exercise, where companies and authorities train together. The exercise is organized every two years, and this year the exercise focuses on preparedness in the financial sector. A total of around 120 different organizations participate in the Tieto22 cyber security exercise, as well as a wide range of authorities, such as the Finnish Police and the Finnish Defense Forces, as well as service providers from critical areas, such as the ICT sector and the media sector responsible for crisis communication.

Tieto22 started in February and culminates in an ongoing role-playing game, where actions are practiced in the face of a threat to payment traffic. The central principle of the training is to develop operations in a crisis situation and to learn, on the one hand, to combine but also to share areas of responsibility among professionals from different industries and authorities.

During the exercises, the aim is also to notice possible problem areas in cyber security and in the cooperation between different industries and authorities, and to put corrective methods into practice. Historically, preparedness in the financial sector has been at a good level in Finland, but due to the digital nature of the sector, the operating environment is constantly subject to various threats. Malware is constantly changing and developing, but there are also new types of threats, such as information influencing. The training aims to respond to the changing environment and to secure the continuity of critical players in the financial sector, regardless of the nature of the threats.

Aurora participates in the Tieto22 exercise and is involved in collaboratively developing national continuity management, preparedness and cooperation between companies, organizations and authorities.

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