Rusko data center

Rusko's data center is ideal for both small businesses and customers who require massive scaling. The data center is located on the same site as Fingrid and is protected underground. The facility have 24/7 recording camera surveillance and a self-managed criminal alarm system. At Rusko's center, the security of the power supply has been considered extremely by ensuring the supply with two UPSs and its own backup power generator. Fiber connections from all major telecom operators are also available on the premises.

Facility information

- ISO 27001- & KATAKRI-audited

- Meets Tier III requirements

- Underground facility

- Leak proof


- Recording camera surveillance and round-the-clock guarded

- Access control; only limited persons have access to the premises

Fire protection

- Automated fire extinguishing system

- Non-combustible materials are used in the premises

Power supply and cooling

- Connected to the 20kV distribution network (ring network)

- UPS and generator guaranteed electricity supply, more than 7 days of backup power usage time

- Power 7kW per rack

- Cooling 2N


- Duplicated Cross connections and capacity connections

- Duplicated fiber connections to the networks of all major operators available

Flexible services

- Possible to customize from individual racks to shared data center blocks

- Information security and capacity services available

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